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June 4th 2020
Ever read an article and you end it with saying, "I needed to hear that?" or "That really ministered to me?" Well, this is a very short read but "I needed this one!"  A Cake On the Back Seat
May 30th 2020
One more thing (this little list is in no way exhaustive!) God does through His word in our lives is.... 4. Christians learn the will of God through the Bible, and it is through the Bible that they are given wisdom to apply the details of Scripture to their daily lives. The Bibl
May 29th 2020
Yesterday we started a little series on what God does through His Word spoken and recorded for us.... the Bible. A second and third thing God does through His word is... 2. Christians are convicted of sin and enabled to turn from it by the power of the Holy Spirit speaking thro
May 28th 2020
In Romans 3:1-2 Paul tells the Romans, "The what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? Much in every way. To begin with, the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God."  The word Paul uses for oracle is an extremely important word. The reason is that it uses a
May 27th 2020
I find myself strangely drawn to these kind of articles today, just like this article suggests in its beginning.  When it comes from a trusted source li
May 21st 2020
This Sunday we will be finishing up (Lord willing) Romans 2, and so I thought I would provide a short summary of what we have and will be learning in this wonderful chapter.  The apostle has been dealing with persons who would agree with his condemnation of pagans (as expressed in chapter 1), but who&n
May 15th 2020
For those of you out there who are trying to raise Godly young women today you know as well as I do how difficult it can be. The world is going full throttle against us. We are not surprised by this of course. Ever since the Garden satan has tried to invert order and destroy the family unit. Though our task is great and at times very daunting, we persevere and try to be faithful.  Below is a link to an article th
May 12th 2020
For many of us, the incessant discussion of Covid-19 and social distancing and government interference continues to grow wearisome. In the midst of all the talk and news and media we are hearing more and more about vaccines and tracking chips and marking software and the like. This has caused many who have read the book of Revelation to begin thinking of such things as, "the mark of the Beast" and end-times speculation. 
May 9th 2020
In Romans 1:24-28, three times we read, "God gave them up...". We have argued that this implies a form of God's wrath which really is more of an abandonment than immediate physical punishment. When we say abandonment however, we do not mean that God releases people to "nothingness." 
May 8th 2020
After hearing of the news of a very untimely death, just this morning, my mind rushes to Scripture as it reminds us that we simply do not know what today, let alone tomorrow holds.  How can I stress hard and long enough that we must be ready to meet our Maker every single day.  If we think Covid-19 is the
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