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April 3rd 2020
Just read a wonderful prayer from Valley of Vision.  Hope it blesses you as you read over this slowly and rest in the blessing of Honoring our Great God... especially during days like these!   O GOD, Praise waiteth for thee,      and to render it is my noblest exercise;This is t
April 2nd 2020
“The universality of sickness is one of the indirect evidences that the Bible is true. The Bible explains it. The Bible answers the questions about it which will arise in every enquiring mind. No other system of religion can do this. They all fail here. They are
April 1st 2020
I recently read a wonderful description of our Lord and Savior that I couldn't help but want to share.  What a great reminder of who's in charge of all the world's events.  In the midst of daily bad news, never forget who our true Savior is. Read and be encouraged. The following is an excerpt from
March 31st 2020
Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Psalms 51:12 After reading again Psalm 51 I was struck with the unique phrase: “and uphold me with a willing spirit.” What does that mean? Upon reading this, David is praying for something but what exactl
March 30th 2020
As we embark upon another week of social distancing and what is being referred to as the "new norm," let me just offer a word of encouragement.  Let's fight hard not to find our security or future in the statistics or news of each day.  Scripture teaches us to look elsewhere: The LORD is my shephe
March 27th 2020
The puritan commentator Matthew Henry is best known for his commentary on the Bible.  However, he wrote a wonderful book on prayer as well, which he believed was absolutely essential to being a Christian. He explains, “Not that G
March 26th 2020
In 1899, two prominent men died. The first was Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, for whom the Ingersoll lectures on immortality at Harvard University are named, and who gave his brilliant mind to the refutation
March 25th 2020
Over at is an ever updating list of resources that publishers have been giving free or at greatly reduced prices during these times of isolation. I encourage you to look through them and benefit as we adjust to a slower pace and a "new norm."
March 24th 2020
We can learn a lot about implications. The dictionary defines the word implication as, “the conclusion that can be drawn from something although it is not explicitly stated” or, “the action or state of being involved in something.” As we are
March 24th 2020
One of our missionaries, Franklin Lopez, is sponsored through Makers and Means International.  We just wanted to keep you in the loop as to what is happening in the Dominican Republic during this time we cannot meet corporately together as a church. Here is t
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